Getting a Brain Boost Through Exercise

Senior brain health program

Brain Fit Now Tip: Boost Brain Health Through Exercise

Senior brain health programBrain health is a lifestyle and the best way to begin is by walking. The Power of 10™ is the Brain Fit Now! shortcut to boost brain health and physical activity for adults.

The concept is simple every hour, take a 10 minute. The method is easy, simply set your smartphone timer for five minutes as you begin your walk. Then go! Keep moving until the timer goes off. Remember walk only five minutes! Then return back to your starting point. You’ve now added 10 minutes of walking to your daily routine accomplishing the Power of 10™. 

Continue with your daily activity adding a 10-minute walk at every opportunity. The Power of 10™ is based on a small change in behavior that increases your physical activity, promotes heart health, boosts your mood, and more importantly, creates a healthy habit.

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