Community Friendly Brain Health Program – Brain Fit Now!

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Choosing Brain Health If you were able to reduce your risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease by adopting a new habit would you do it? This is the first question participants of a Brain Fit Now workshop are asked. As a result of this single question, participants learn first-hand brain health begins with their choices.  Cultivating […]

Brain Health Tips – Three Ways to Improve Your Sleep

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Make Sense of Sleep Sleep on it! Did you know that sleep is restorative to you brain? In the last few years, studies have reported a sleep-dementia link. Last March the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis reported a lack of sleep increases the presence of Alzheimer’s amyloid beta plaque. When we sleep our […]

Getting a Brain Boost Through Exercise

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Brain Fit Now Tip: Boost Brain Health Through Exercise Brain health is a lifestyle and the best way to begin is by walking. The Power of 10™ is the Brain Fit Now! shortcut to boost brain health and physical activity for adults. The concept is simple every hour, take a 10 minute. The method is […]