About Brain Fit Now!About Brain Fit Now

Currently, there are extensive volumes of research and studies on Alzheimer’s disease. At the same time, there are five million Americans living with the condition. When our researcher Judi Bonilla began a literature review she found a gap in brain health programs. With this in mind, Brain Fit Now! began a mission to educate 20,000 adults age 60 and over on how to reduce their risk factors for Alzheimer’s Disease by 2020.


During her internship at the Navy Medical Center San Diego, she combed through volumes of brain health research.  Eventually, Judi identified a pattern in science-based recommendations to reduce Alzheimer’s disease. Notably research data from neuroscientists and neuropsychologists. In addition to findings from AARP, Alzheimer’s Association, and Alzheimer’s Disease International.


Ultimately through her research, Judi was able to determine a pattern of best practices and connect it to community program to improve the brain health of older adults. In other words, Brain Fit Now connects older adults to a brain healthy lifestyle.


Using her ability to connect research, community resources, and adult education she piloted Brain Fit Now! a brain health workshop to Oasis Institute a nonprofit educational organization. From there the program was requested by the City of San Diego Public Libraries and the San Diego County Vital Aging Conference.